a b o u t

e x p e r i e n c e
Through studying International Fashion & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute I was able to develop skills in the areas of fashion, branding and magazine production. Through my personal interest for interior design I started working as a freelance photo stylist in 2011. Now I work for several editorial and commercial clients in the fields of interior, lifestyle and food.

p h o t o s t y l i n g 
My work starts at the drawing board where a visual concept is developed. From here the production starts, which results in a styled image that depicts the look and feel of the concept. My style could be best described as a combination of contemporary and feminine with a personal and detailed touch. 

b r a n d i n g
Next to photostyling I adore bigger projects where I can develop a concept from scratch into an actual end product. I can advise and guide you in every step of the way; concept development, the design of a space or a visual identity, styling of the space and the creation of online and offline brand awareness.